Dear Who Shat Nation

January 26, 2010

           I feel as though I should begin this with a small disclaimer, that my best friends and I make it a note to watch NFL football every single day it’s on.  Whether it be pre-season match-ups, regular season games, and ones that delve into the post season.  We watch every down, every call, and every play made, regardless of who’s playing.  And though I may be only 22 years of age, one thing stood out to me this season that never has before.  It was especially clear this evening, watching the Saints take on the Vikings at the Superdome.

            Now this may come off to you as a joke, but I assure you that it’s anything but that.  I know you guys are serious about your sports, and so are we.  Which is why, I couldn’t let something that seemed so blatant to us, go unsaid. “The City of New Orleans, paid off the NFL, to get the Saints a Super Bowl Championship.”  Now as ridiculous as that may sound rolling off the tongue, allow us to explain ourselves.  And, if at the end of this e-mail, you don’t find yourself questioning it at all, then I haven’t done my job, nor fulfilled my purpose for writing this.

            All season, I couldn’t be more amazed at how many times the Saints, won games based on horrible officiating, or “conveniently” mis-thrown balls.

Week 4- Only 119 total passing yards for Drew Brees, with NO TOUCHDOWNS.  But they win on a fluke, with 2 interception returns for Touchdowns by Darren Sharper.

Week 7- Miami is destroying the Saints at the half, and pretty much well into the 4th quarter.  Then by some divine inspiration, penalty flags are thrown like confetti.  None of which seem to be on the Saints, but rather benefit them.  So much so, they wind up winning a close one.

Week 10- Need I say anything about this one?  A team that finished the season with one win overall, makes the Saints look like a bunch of schoolgirls for most of the bout.  Until that divine power once again takes over, and 9-0 was to be.

Week 13- Another Nail biter for Brees and crew.  Another one of the most horrendous teams in the NFL seems to push the Saints to the limit.  Saints miss the field goal, but the Redskins, “conveniently” turn the ball over, giving them another chance to pull it out.

Week 14- another penalty ridden 4th quarter, resulting in a last chance game winning drive for the Untouchable Saints.

            Before I even get going on tonight’s less then honorable match-up, I’d like to say just two words.  Pete Morelli!  I wonder if you guys remember the 2006 AFC Championship game that he officiated, where the Colts went on to win, due to a controversial call to say the least.  The interception by Troy Polamalu, that was ruled an incomplete pass.  Costing the Steelers the game, and leading to an NFL Championship for the Colts 2 weeks later.

            After all this I still feel as though my friends and I would have been okay with the way their season went.  But, after tonight’s game I feel that is no longer possible.  Not only was this game visibly scripted, but absolute blatancy of the wrongful officiating almost seemed to poke fun at the fans that looked on.  As if were not smart enough to pick up on this key factor.  And sadly, I feel most people aren’t.  It all just makes too much sense to me.  A city that was ravaged by a natural disaster, on the brink of losing not only a majority of it’s population, but all of it’s professional sporting outfits as well.  Then just as Tom Benson, decides to keep his team in New Orleans, they make a miraculous run for the Super Bowl.  A virtually unchanged team from a year ago, that boasted a less then stellar record of 7-9.  Fueled by the passion of a once dying city, a team that plays for the people.  I don’t think John Grisham could have written it better himself.  But to me, something else seems to be more at work here then just divine powers from above.  And never was it more evident then after the game I witnessed this evening.

            It started off innocently enough, The Vikings score, The Saints score.  The Vikings score, The Saints score.  Then, all of a sudden, before the half, Reggie Bush muffs a punt return that is recovered by the Vikings just outside the 10-yard line.  Then, just as if it had to be an even score before the half, Favre fumbles on the very next play.  Not to mention that was one of five total fumbles on the night.  Again, too much to just be coincidence in my opinion.  To begin the second half things again seemed fairly normal, The Saints score, The Vikings score.  The Saints score, The Vikings score.  The game remained close, as the nation honed in, perfect for the city of New Orleans.  A city that desperately needed a Championship team was ready for the perfect finish.  Now it was time for the officiating crew to do what it needed, and for the Vikings to do there part to throw the game to the best of there ability.  A convenient injury to Cedric Griffin, means a rookie corner comes in his place.  To cover no less Marques Colston, and the very next play, a random holding penalty.  A few plays later, a pass interference penalty to extend the drive again, against Leeber, who was covering Thomas.  Which by the way, to any human being watching in their right mind, was clearly not a penalty.  Then to end regulation, instead of giving Rian Longwell an opportunity at a field goal, they opt to go to the air, and Favre throws across two hash marks, just to picked off by Porter.

This was all starting to become mundane in my mind, that the Vikings were pretty much screaming, “HERE’S THE GAME!  TAKE IT!”  But then we get to the Overtime play.  The Saints won the toss, and that, with the help of the officiating crew, would prove to be all the Saints needed to pull this victory from the fire as well.  Much in the same fashion as the rest of the season.  Two very key plays make it apparent, that no matter what the Vikings did, it would never be enough, because the Saints had won this game before the season started.  The booth reviewed a 4th down run by Pierre Thomas, where he clearly lost possession of the ball without ever crossing the 1st down plane.  But Pete Morelli had other plans in mind, and the Saints drive would continue.  And then on the next set of downs, on a 3rd and 18, Brees throws an incomplete pass to Robert Meachem.  But, the officials call it a completed pass.  As the fans and players on the field gaze up at the Jumbo Tron, they can clearly see that the ball is bobbled, possession is never maintained all the way to the ground, and it shifts around bounces off of the turf, before he rolls on top of it.  Minnesota, calls a timeout, giving the crew enough time to decide to review this play as well.  The third on this Saints drive.  And as the country watched, Morelli made the most baffling decision I’ve ever seen.  Oh, that’s right, except for the 2006 AFC Championship game.  The play was upheld, and the Saints were in position to kick a 40-yard goal.  Like clockwork, the Saints season continued, while the Vikings fell by the wayside.

One of the most unnerving things to me all season long was the half-assed, clown like smirk of Sean Payton.  I always found myself asking, “What the hell is he smiling at?  It’s as if he knows something we all don’t.”  Well now we all do, the Saints have been destined for a Super Bowl victory in his rookie season as head coach, long before the season even started.  I never thought I’d live to see the day that NFL games would be paid off.  Especially on this grand a scale.  But I suppose anything is possible.  They do it Boxing, Soccer, and many other sports around the world.  I guess it was just a matter of time before it hit here.  Spygate was just the beginning, of the Downfall of American football in the United States, or at least any with a shred of dignity.

I’d be amazed if anyone who’s managed to make it through reading this hasn’t had his or her suspicions aroused, at least slightly.  And if anything else, think of this as food for thought.  But I genuinely have never seen something so obvious in my life, be hidden on such a large scale, to the general population.

Written by: Devon P. Nolan


I Like to Write 2.

January 5, 2010

A Beast with two faces.  It Eagerly and ambitiously works it’s way to your core with empty words, and hollow promises.  Giving the Illusion  that your not alone.  One Face, Gentle, Caring, Kind, and Concerned.  But when least expected, that face retracts, and goes into hiding.  And that second head, of malice, hate, and deceit strikes when it hurts the most.  And all of that leads to you,  the lone soldier, retreating back into hiding yourself.  To that dark place, where the word trust bears no meaning, and you live out your days, unable to believe, that things and people can ever really change.

I like to Write 1.

January 5, 2010

Lonliness, the Silent Killer,
A Pain the has no Face, No name, and No Identity.
Yet, with Unforgiving Cold Hands, and Glowing Red  Eyes, it Stabs at your Heart, and Burns into your Soul. Until there is nothing left.  All your accomplishments and Dreams that scream Life, are now Dwindled down  to nothing more than a skeleton of a Former Self.  A Self that is Familiar to you, but one you Fear you will never Return to.  Until one day, that glowing entity of Someone Special succeeds in ressurecting what remains of a diminished you, and the Beauty of their smile ignites a fire inside you that burns until the day you die

Random Thoughts 2.

January 5, 2010

To anyone who reads this, it is not meant as a criticism of your beliefs, nor a criticism of society.  It is merely my beliefs, and what I feel.  As I am indeed a musician, and my only dream in life is to make a difference in my surroundings, and the people around me with music that I create.  To Touch people emotionally with music, and let them know they are not alone, during those tough times.  And one message I want to convey in my music, is that belief in yourself, can get you so far in life.  Coming from complete first hand experience, and things I have seen in my life, that is something that I truely and deeply believe.  I believe that a lot of poverty, and violence in this world stems from people trying to obtain power, and things they desire.  I’m saddened by the things I see in people this day and age.  People that put so much faith, effort, and belief into things they don’t fully understand.  Children being brought up, and forced to believe a religion, yet not understanding the very essence of what they are following.  Yet imagine if people took that faith and belif and put it into themselves, and there fellow man.  What could we accomplish?  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe that religion is all bad.  Some people need that extra something to look up too, and to humble themselves, by knowing that there is something greater then themselves out there.  But it should be a choice, and no one should be shunned for it.  If people however put that faith in themselves, and went for there dreams, there really isnt any telling what people would accomplish.  Becasue everyones dreams are different, and although one might want to be a lawyer, another might have the same dream as me, to touch people with music.  But no matter what your dream is, remember to never give up on it, and put your heart and soul into it.  I have made my share of sacrifices in life, and nobody said accomplishing your dream would be easy.  But imagine the feeling once you do.  And now I sit here, as someone about to embark on the rest of my life doing what I have always wanted too.  And you could be here someday too.  Just never give up on yourself, and don’t forget whats important.  Being Happy….=)

The Challenge

January 5, 2010

To anyone who reads this, whether it may be 1000 people, or 1 person,  I challenge you to make the most of your life.  This blog may sound corny to you now,  but as I progress further in my life, and new things start to arise for me, one thing becomes more and more clear.  “You can truely accomplish anything that you put your heart and soul into”.  As I believe, your life is just a series of meaningless events, unless you do something about it.  You need to take control, and follow your heart, and accomplish your dreams, because there is no greater feeling than the one you get when you realize that you have done so.  Because, 100 years from now, none of us will be here, and people won’t remember what clothes you wore, how you did your hair, or how wasted you got at that one party.  What will be remembered is what you accomplished, and how you made a difference in your surroundings, and the people around you.  In essence your LEGACY.  So in conlusion, I wish you all luck on future endeavors, I wish you the best no matter who you are, because we as humans are capable of accomplishing anything.  So you go and do just that, and try to remember this in everything you do in your life.  You’re Untouchable!

Random Thoughts

January 5, 2010

So, I’m sitting here on the computer at work, and thinking to myself,  about the recent rash of people dying in the last few months.  I know that thousands of people die everyday, and most of us never know about it. and sadly never will.  But it seems that when someone in the public eye passes away, it’s all too prevelent.  It really gets you to thinking though.  Everyone is human, and there are no exceptions.   The mightiest of figures, will move on somehow in someway, someday.   And the only thing you can do, is live your life to the best of your ability, and be the best person possible each day your lucky enough to wake.  I need to stop taking things for granted in my life, and although it’s sad thatit takes something like this to put things back into perspective for me, it did none the less.  I feel like it should do that for everyone.  Nothing is guaranteed, and everything comes at a price, but liek I said before each day, should be a celebration of life.  It’s something that should be cherished.  Care about and for those around you.  Be the best person possible, whether it means helping your parents around the house, helping an old lady cross the street, or donating to a charity, do it.  Because this blog makes some of those I’ve written in the past all the more relevent.  Make your legacy, and change the lives of people in yours for the better.  I intend to do that to the best of my abilities as much as I can.  Not that you won’t derail a bit at somepoint in the future,  but as long as your doing your best to be a good person, that’s really all that matters.  Because even ONE more person being the best they can be in this world, makes it that much better a place to live.


January 5, 2010

So back to the wings of a Swallow once again,

Such a familiar feeling my friend.

Dry mouth and sweaty palms, when I saw you that night,

Yet somehow I was able to get my shit right.

Razor tongues tried to talk you down,

with malicious words of past affliction.

But still I held fast to the thought of a future,

I think you might be my latest addiction.

The thought of you enters my mind and never leaves.

Clouding the rest of my thoughts and judgement.

I dream of nothing more at this moment,

then to have you back in my embrace again.

But your indecision and need for choice,

make it hard for me to breath.

And sleep is haunted by fear,

of never having you, or being with you.

But rather to lose you to the device of society,

and the feeling of popularity, and a person.

A person who’s entity is decided,

by the one standing next to them.

Where self worth, and originality,

are nothing more then a foreign language,

and yet again………I Stand Alone!

Continuous not Strenuous…

January 5, 2010

Is it possible to effect the world?

And make Mother Earth herself take notice?
Can you withstand the slipping of the sands of time, and will your name sit idely on the minds of generations to come?

I want the Sky to know our name, and the Wind to shiver at the whisper of my success. To change the hearts and minds of people, with the opposite of duress.

Can you clash different lives together, yet make one explosive bond?
To be there for all of them individually, yet all of them in one?

I want to flood the minds of those, with the beauty of dreaming.
Let them know that belief in ones self can accomplish anything.

I will let them know they’re not alone if ever life gets rough.
But of all of this I want, my little part will be enough.
I know I can’t change the minds of those who will not see.
But they must know, that those who follow their hearts live life happily.


January 5, 2010

So clear one day, but the next, more murky than high tide.
So bright one day, and the next,
as shady as underneath the apple trees from which you once picked.

What happend to consistency? Didn’t you want to be happy?
Or does your current happiness only lie embedded in the need to be miserable?

Can’t you tell I care so much?
Does it even make a difference?
How can you go an entire day without speaking to me?
When a moment doesn’t pass without you on my mind?

But in the end, your happiness is what matters to me,
and if this your way of going about it, I’ll gladly let it be.
For your miserable state makes you smile,
because of it’s familiarity.
And so again, I let it be.
Even if it leads to me being miserable as well.